7 ways to measure PR effectiveness

Measuring the effectiveness of a PR campaign is not an exact science. PR is all about perception. When faced with a buying decision the way in which the consumer views your brand is crucial. So how do you measure the benefits that good PR can bring to your business over other forms of advertising?

Here are seven ways to measure the effectiveness of your PR campaigns…

Press Clippings

Getting a mention in the press should not be underestimated. A good way to get a handle on how your PR is working is the number of mentions your company receives in the press. It is important to remember though, that mentions alone will be of little value if they appear in publications your target market does not read.

Media Impressions

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To calculate the number of actual impressions your company gets simply multiply the number of clippings by the total circulation figures. For example; getting a mention in the Daily Mail counts as one press clipping. Multiply this by its circulation figures (approximately 1,166,500) for the day you were mentioned and this gives you your media impressions.

Content Analysis

Analysing content is critical. The impact of your PR efforts is going to be judged by the quality of the copy that is put out. For example; did the reporter put across your brand’s key message? Is your company being portrayed positively? In order to fully understand the effectiveness of your PR, you have to assess whether your press coverage is resulting in valuable content.

Website Traffic

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Web traffic is a great way to determine how much interest is being generated in your brand through your PR efforts. Sales come through your on-site CTA’s, so analyzing any spikes in site traffic will determine whether your PR is effective.

Lead Sourcing

A well-executed PR campaign directly contributes to sales. However, it’s not always easy to know exactly when this is going to happen. To learn if your PR initiatives have influenced your customers’ decision-making, simply ask them.

Market Research

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Research is vital in tracking a PR campaign’s success. Before initiating a PR campaign take a look at your target market to determine how much it knows of your brand and its products. After launch, survey your markets again to find out whether brand awareness is increasing, and by how much.

Social Media Mentions

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Ah yes, social media. Mentions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc are a great way to judge how your PR is doing. This is especially true if your PR strategy includes the use of social media influencers.

As you can see, the above indicators are all ways in which you can determine whether your PR goals have been met. What is really important in measuring a company’s strategy though is customer perception. How do your customers feel about your brand? Do they identify with your products or services? More importantly, is your company’s name the first one on their lips when faced with a buying decision?

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