Seeking the Dream – The Sunseeker Story

With their HQ at Poole in Dorset Sunseeker are recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of luxury yachts in the world. The actor Michael Douglas and X-factor impresario Simon Cowell both own one. Since 1999 their yachts have featured regularly in James Bond movies including The World is not…

8 things Koreans do better than us

lotte world theme park
Anybody that has been keeping up with the news concerning Covid-19 (Corona Virus), may be aware that Korea has set the benchmark for prevention by which other countries will be judged. The statistics (if they are to be believed) are astounding. Of a meagre 11,000 recorded cases, Korea has suffered…

Social Distancing – Please Send Money

social distancing
In these virus stricken times we all need to make sacrifices. I take my social responsibilities seriously. That is why I have decided to self isolate on a private island in the South Pacific. My thinking is, why distance yourself from other people by 2 metres when you can be…

Improve Your Writing Skills With A Diploma Training Course From Learning 24/7.


Most people secretly would love the opportunity to be able to sit quietly in a coffee shop with a laptop for 6 months and come up with ‘The Lord of the Rings’ or ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’. Few though, with the exception of JK Rowling, ever manage to achieve this. But why? Is it lack of time, lack of resources or lack of talent that holds people back? Actually, the answer is much simpler than that.

Write better content with these 6 effective tips

When faced with having to write any kind of content a good copywriter should always have a structure for success. When writing a product review, for example, a copywriter needs to focus on things that will be important to a prospective purchaser. Quality, warranty, delivery and after-sales service. Blog posts…