British millionaire sells home for £99!

Young British entrepeneur Akshay Ruparelia has come a very long way in a short space of time. In fact, so quickly has the north London schoolboy risen to the pinnacle of his profession, that it is easy to believe the phrase ‘meteoric rise to the top’ was invented just for him. 

Akshay left the Queen Elizabeth boy’s school in Barnet in 2016. He took with him a string of A’levels in Maths, Economics, Government & Politics, History and Financial Studies, all at ‘A’ grade. It is a sign of his drive and determination from an early age that he chose these subjects because as he put it. “The cross-disciplinary approach stood me in good stead for a diverse range of enterprise-based and/or corporate career options.”

As it turned out that was a good call by the talented teenager. However, he did not need to finish school in order to begin his journey. Even whilst his studies were ongoing he was already building an empire…

A new kind of estate agent

Akshay started his company, Doorsteps.co.uk from his bedroom when he was just 17 years old. Using the knowledge he had gained from his college studies he persuaded his father to let him manage the sale of the family home.

Suitably inspired by a successful sale for which the teenager made the princely sum of, you guessed it, £99. he began to raise finance from family and friends. Later on he was to use the popular business crowdfunding site, Crowdcube. This proved to be another excellent decision as he was able to generate an incredible £400,000 for a mere 3% equity in his company.

Akshay quickly figured that there was a great opportunity for a new kind of estate agent offering homeowners fixed, fair and affordable rates for property sales.

Estate agents charge between 2-3% commission for a sale. For a house worth £500,000 on the open market this could be as much as £15,000. This represents quite a chunk of change out of the value of your home.

It started with a text

Akshay now has investors on board for the kind of evaluation that would make Peter Jones or Deborah Meaden from Dragons Den weep. However, his first sale was completed while he was stood in the school playground.

The client was a man from Sussex who had chanced upon the Doorsteps.co.uk website and asked Ashkay to sell both his home and an attached parcel of land.

“It was a five bed place with a swimming pool. I put the house on at £485,000 and the land for £185,000, I’d sold it within three weeks.” Beamed Ashkay.

“I was standing in the school playground when I got an text on my mobile from the vendor to say he’d accepted a combined offer of £670,000. That was a sensational moment, I was thrilled.”

High Street estate agents could be out of business!

Only a few years on from that life changing moment and Ashkay’s company is valued at an incredible £12 million with over £100 million in sales. Not bad for a boy from Barnet!

Of course he doesn’t work from his bedroom anymore. The company now operates out of serviced offices in North London. From here Ashkay runs a network of sales agents around the country. This is one reason he is able to keep costs so low. It isn’t the only reason though. Ashkay firmly believes that existing estate agents have had it too good for too long. He feels that the high commission charges they apply to each sale are hard to justify. Judging by the amazing success that Doorsteps.co.uk has achieved over the past 18 months it seems he may be right.

Doorsteps.co.uk stands apart from other popular high street names in the property market due to the fact that they operate 24/7. Their telephone lines are always open which means buyers and sellers always have access to an agent at a time that suits them. Doorsteps.co.uk operates exclusively online which means of course that they do not have expensive overheads. Most importantly Doorsteps.co.uk has no hidden fees, commission or tie-ins.

Akshay is on a mission to rip up the rule book when it comes to the UK property industry and put more traditional high street estate agents out of business. “People have had enough of being ripped off by High Street agents in flash suits and cars charging them a fortune, but actually doing not a lot to sell their home,” he said. “Why give an estate agent a small fortune just for putting photos of your house on the internet?”

One of the top 10 estate agents in the UK

Doorsteps.co.uk has gone on to become one of the top 10 estate agents in the country and has ambition to go even further. The success of Doorsteps.co.uk has led to Akshay appearing on the BBC, ITV and Channel 5 as well as featuring in popular tabloids such as the Daily Mirror, Mail Online and the Sun. Doorsteps.co.uk has also been the subject of articles by consumer champion Which and financial website of the year This is Money.

Awards have also come easily to Ashkay and to Doorsteps.co.uk.

StartupOfTheYear2017 // Best Emerging Online Estate Agent 2018. Transferwise 20 under 20 // Sunday Times // NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Of The Year Finalist // London Power 100 // Evening Standard 25 under 25, 2019.

Doorsteps.co.uk operates in 99% of all postcodes across the UK. 97% of UK buyers find homes via Rightmove, Zoopla and other top portals that Doorsteps.co.uk list on!

Together with a Trustpilot rating of 9.6/10 Doorsteps.co.uk is highly regarded by both the property industry and customers alike. As more and more people are now searching for and purchasing their property online Doorsteps.co.uk is at the forefront of online property sales in the UK.

Find out for yourself why Akshay and Doorsteps.co.uk are so highly regarded in the UK property market. Visit Doorsteps.co.uk right now and take a look at the amazing cost-efficient services they offer for buyers and sellers in your postcode.

Sell your home for £99!

Award-Winning online estate agent Doorsteps.co.uk make it hassle-free and cheap to sell to your house for just £99 – no hidden fees, honest & transparent.


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