Brighton landlords spend next to nothing on tenant safety

gas boiler repairs

Landlords in Brighton are paying less money for their tenants safety than in other areas of the UK it has been reported.

UK Landlords are legally responsible for repairs to heating, hot water, gas appliances, pipes, ventilation, wiring, sanitary fittings, gas boiler repairs and servicing. The landlord has a legal obligation to regularly service gas appliances as determined by the manufacturer. Gas safety checks should be conducted annually by a registered engineer.

Due to these regulations, landlords up and down the country are paying heavily to maintain their gas boilers. The safety of thousands of tenants up and down the country who reside in HMO’s depend on their landlords abiding by these regulations. Yet miserly landlords in Brighton consistently pay less for servicing and repairs than in other parts of the country.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning accounts for 50 deaths a year in the Uk

According to the Department of Health and Social Care, carbon monoxide poisoning in the UK accounts for an average of 50 recorded deaths a year and up to 4,000 medical visits.

Brighton tenants are legitimately demanding answers. Well, the answer is simple…

More and more landlords in East Sussex are signing up for a landlord plan with 24/7 Home Rescue. With landlord plans starting from as little as £5.49 per month Brighton landlords are saving money and tenants are being made safer and more secure.

A landlord’s gas safety certificate is a legal requirement

It is illegal for a landlord to rent out their property without a gas safety certificate.

Dealing with tenants’ repairs, keeping their gas appliances and electrical systems safe, and helping them deal with other home emergencies can take a huge proportion of your rental income.

Wouldn’t it be nice to let properties without having to deal with all this hassle and expense?

Replacing a faulty boiler can incur significant cost. Luckily, landlord costs are being lowered thanks to a boiler breakdown plan with a 24/7 Home Rescue landlord plan.

24/7 Home Rescue offers UK landlords significant reductions in monthly costs compared to other major UK suppliers such as Homeserve and British Gas. What’s more with a 24|7 Home Rescue plan, all costs are included. There are no hidden labour fees, call out charges or additional charges for parts.

24|7 Home Rescue offers several boiler breakdown plans. When you’re covered, you’re covered, and a qualified engineer is always on the other end of the phone. Compare 24/7 Home Care’s boiler care, heating care and home care plans…

We help, we repair, we care

24|7 Home Rescue is a specialist, nationwide provider of boiler, appliance and home emergency plan for landlords and homeowners.

24/7 Home Rescue provide a wide array of services including boiler breakdown plan, landlord plan and appliance plan.

24/7 Home Rescue have a UK wide team of 3000 network and local Gas-Safe engineers that specialise in boiler service, boiler repair and boiler installation.

Landlord Plans

Landlord 24|7 Boiler Plan
£5.49per month
  • Boiler Breakdown
  • CP12 Certificate
  • Annual Boiler Service
Landlord 24|7 Home Plan
£10.99per month
  • Boiler Breakdown
  • CP12 Certificate
  • Annual Boiler Service
  • Central Heating System
  • Internal Plumbing & Drainage
  • Electrical Emergency
  • Home Security

30 Day Rolling Contracts


Your tenants will be delighted to know that you’ve protected them with 24|7 Home Rescue. Take advantage of a wide range of landlords products to keep your tenants’ home warm and safe. Take advantage of a premium plan with a FREE Gas Safety (CP12) Certificate.

NO call-out fee for annual boiler service and CP12 Certificate.


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