No other sporting experience comes close

Sport by its very nature is emotional. Whether you are following your local football/rugby/cricket team or supporting the national side, sport is about taking sides. Every fan is either a red or a blue, hoops or stripes, an Aussie or a Pom. It is emotion that makes sport so compelling. Without emotion sport is merely exercise. Then there is horseracing…

Horseracing engenders no such loyalty in the spectator. There is no team to support, no red versus blue, not a hint of partisanship. This may lead one to conclude that horseracing is missing that which makes sport such an important part of people’s lives. Passion!

You’d be wrong. If there is one thing that horseracing is definitely not lacking, its passion. Horseracing fans are some of the most passionate and excitable fans in sport. So why is that?

Well, it’s all to do with the horse. A man and a horse has had a long and enduring relationship. Longer even than the one he enjoys with a dog. A horse has at one time or another been a means of transport, a vehicle for hunting and of course, a source of entertainment. A horse is also one of the most beautiful and graceful animals on the planet. Oh, and it moves pretty quickly too!

The origins of horse racing go back thousands of years before the birth of Christ, to when ancient nomadic tribesmen of Central Asia first domesticated the animal. It is likely that wagering on the outcome has been around just as long. Today the sport is enjoyed by millions of spectators every year at race tracks up and down the country.

The biggest and the best of these are run in the UK by the Jockey Club. Established in 1750 by a group of businessmen with a shared interest in horseracing the Jockey Club quickly established itself in Newmarket as a meeting place for wealthy patrons. Eventually, the club established rules so that all races at the course could be run fairly and transparently. Pretty soon these rules were to be adopted by other courses in England and later all over the world. From there the Jockey Club became the official governing body for horseracing in Britain.

Amongst the courses that are run by the Jockey Club today are Newmarket (originally founded as a royal resort by James I) known as the home of horseracing in England and host to the 2000 & 1000 Guineas. Aintree in Liverpool where the most famous steeplechase in the world the Grand National is run. Epsom Downs where the national hunt equivalent the Derby is held and Cheltenham which every year hosts the spring festival one of the most popular events on the horseracing calendar.

The Jockey Club owns and operates 14 courses around the UK. They are not limited only to horseracing either. Every course boasts superb catering facilities and they make amazing venues for corporate events, birthday celebrations, weddings or Christmas parties.

Surprisingly, Jockey Club racecourses are also amongst the finest music venues in the UK. During 2020 Newmarket, Aintree, Sandown and Haydock Park will host many of the biggest names in pop music. Amongst the artists due to appear at these iconic venues are Tom Jones, Brian Ferry, McFly and the Pussycat Dolls.

You can check out the dates for any of these concerts plus ticket information for all the years racing by visiting the Jockey Club Box Office using the link below…

Jockey Club Racecourses

The Jockey Club stages the most thrilling sporting occasions on the planet including the Grand National, The Cheltenham Festival and The Derby. Millions of people every year enjoy the special experiences UK racecourses offer through racing, music, food and entertainment on race days and beyond.


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