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For a child, reading is as important a part of their development as walking. Reading stimulates their imagination, promotes learning and is one of the best ways for a child to bond with its parent. To encourage a child to read is to open doors for a young mind that can potentially dictate the course of his or her whole life. Yes, it is safe to say that learning to read is pretty damned important!

The demand for literature for people of any age has never been greater than it is right now. Children’s books in particular are experiencing a massive growth in the amount of titles and breadth of subjects that are becoming available. A child’s thirst for knowledge is insatiable.

If you have ever considered writing for a career, and thought that the burgeoning children’s market is where your talents lie, then now is the time to get started with a Children’s Story Writing Diploma Training Course from Learning 24/7.

Introduction to Children’s Story Writing Diploma

The Children’s Story Writing Diploma covers a range of topics, helping you develop your characters, the plot and write a great story that you can publish for children around the world. This course covers a range of topics in thirteen modules which takes between fifteen to twenty hours to complete.

You will learn how to develop your characters and plot. You will get the guidance, skills and support you need to become a children’s story writer with online modules that you can study from anywhere at any time on any device.

This course will help to allow your creativity to flow and become a successful writer, with no previous experience necessary. The information packed modules have been carefully constructed to give you everything you need to write a children’s story with complete confidence.

What You Will Learn

The course comprises of thirteen information packed modules and a multiple choice test. The course includes:

  • Introduction – the introductory module includes what writing a book for children entails and what it is about children’s story writing that appeals to you.
  • What you will need to write literature for children – this value packed module will identify the tools and personal skills you will need to write a successful story.
  • Examples of what other children’s writers do well – in this module you will learn what some of the best children’s writers do well and how to use existing children’s books to write your own.
  • How to choose an age group’s point of view – you will learn how to choose an age group and the importance of writing for a particular age group. You will also learn a number of points of view you can make use of when writing your book.
  • Getting started from the first page and creating the perfect setting – this module will teach you what you can do to make your first page stand out and the importance of the first line and page of your children’s book.
  • Learn how to build a good character for your book – learn how to get good characters and why your characters are so important. You will also learn how to differentiate your characters based on the age group you are targeting.
  • Plot planning – learn how to create a plot, identify with other plot structures and learn ways to develop your plot structure.
  • Using a backstory – What is a backstory? How to ensure your backstory isn’t boring? Why you need a backstory when writing children’s literature.
  • Writing dialogue that makes your story flow – this module will teach you how to use dialogue and why it is so important, along with how to make your dialogue realistic and engaging.
  • Useful advice to improve confidence and purpose – identify common problems you will face, tips to achieve your writing goals and effective tools to overcome writer’s block.
  • Practical writing exercises – identify why writing exercises are so important and how writing a blog may enhance your writing.
  • Working with illustrators – know the power of illustration, how to submit a picture book for publication and how to choose and work with an illustrator.
  • Working with publishers and selling your story – know the difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing, the process you will have to go through in order to get your children’s book published and whether you are going to need a literary agent.

Benefits of the Children’s Story Writing Diploma

This diploma will provide you with a host of benefits once you have completed the course successfully, including being able to download and print your certificate on successful passing of the multiple choice test.

The benefits of taking this course include:

  • The course will help you to become a creative thinker when working on your own project.
  • You will learn how to organise your ideas in order to write clearly.
  • Your self-confidence will improve when you see your work on paper.
  • You will discover your passion for writing.
  • You will get to step outside your comfort zone to achieve writing success.

With hundreds of courses in a wide range of subjects Learning 24/7 is sure to have something that will be of interest to you. Visit their website right now and take an online training course at a special low introductory price.

Unlock your inner Enid Blyton!

Writing stories for children is the most rewarding thing that any aspiring writer can do. Imagine how you would feel knowing that children the world over had access to your stories. Give the gifts of imagination and wisdom to a child today by beginning a Children’s Story Writing Diploma Training Course from Learning 24/7.


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