Should young people be encouraged to get into rugby?

More and more young people in the UK are taking up playing rugby, but is this a good thing? Should we be encouraging our youngsters to take part in violent mass participation contact sports or would we be better off introducing them to the joys of badminton?

There are many advantages to choosing badminton over rugby football for your kids.

  • The game is played mostly indoors, except maybe on a beautiful summer’s day when you get to make lemonade and play together with them out in the garden.
  • Their clothes hardly ever get dirty. Even working up a sweat is difficult when you’re playing badminton.
  • Nobody ever got hurt playing badminton. You never see the physio running onto a badminton court with a magic sponge and no player ever had to come off the field with blood pouring from his head.
  • Equipment is really cheap. You can pick up a fairly decent badminton set from any toy store in the UK for only £9.99.
  • Best of all if you are a Mom, your precious son or daughter can play badminton with you all day and not have to mix with the other kids with all their diseases and their rampant hyper-activity.

A massed brawl in gym kit!

Rugby is such a tough sport. All that running around banging into one another and knocking your opponents over. What’s that all about?. What is it with the ‘ruck’ too? Isn’t that just an organised mass brawl in gym kit! And mud! Why are all rugby games played in the rain on the dirtiest, muddiest playing fields around? Why don’t they play rugby in the Summer like those nice clean cricketers do? Much more civilised.

What parent wants to think that their young Janet or Johnny are running around in the fresh air enjoying themselves? Running with the ball! Can you actually believe that kids are able to pick the ball up and just run with it!

Do you also know that during a game of rugby kids are actively encouraged to make contact with one another? Yes, actual physical contact! They call it tackling but really it is just an excuse to throw your best friend face down in the mud. Then there is the size of the teams. Each team has up to 15 players per side. Have you any idea how much noise 30 kids can make when allowed to run around a field for an hour with a just one man and a whistle to monitor them?

God forbid that your son or daughter should ever be introduced to the joys of supporting a team like Sale Sharks or Leicester Tigers with their aggressive testosterone fueled names. How many parents want to be dragged along to a Premiership game at their local rugby stadium on a cold Thursday evening to experience the incredible atmosphere generated by 20,000 passionate fans? Most of whom will be sporting colourful club shirts, jester hats and giant foam hands. Blimey!

Then there’s the family stands and all the singing. Hot dogs smothered in ketchup and cups of hot chocolate at half time (where exactly does Dad disappear to at half time?) Not to mention getting your photo taken with a giant Wasp or another club mascot. You don’t get that at the badminton!

Get your kids into Rugby!

Rugby is faster paced, more exciting and more physically demanding than most other sports. It is also incredibly good fun! So, what is the best way to your kids playing rugby?

If they don’t already play rugby at school then one of the best ways to get your kids involved is to contact your local rugby club. All the Premiership clubs have junior teams and hold regular training sessions for youngsters.

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