Meet US Powerball Lottery Winners From Around the World

H.S.L South Korea – €1 Million

EuroMillions El Millión Raffle – July 2019

H.S.L. has been playing with theLotter since 2017 after discovering he could play his favourite international lotteries from his home country of South Korea! He finally got his big break in July 2019 when he scored a €1 million prize without even matching the winning numbers! How? By having the winning El Millón raffle code on his EuroMillions ticket, beating out millions of hopefuls!

At first I couldn’t believe if this is was real or not. Adrian from the Lotter called me, but I still couldn’t believe it. I checked the site again, and again and I continuously asked myself if this was actually happening.

Fortunately for HSL, his incredible €1 million El Millión raffle prize was most definitely real!

Natalia – $1 Million

US Mega Millions – September 2017

Natalia’s birthday present came a week early when she won $1 million playing US Mega Millions online on 26 September 2017. Since finding theLotter in 2015, Natalia played all the biggest jackpots in the world with subscriptions to make sure she’d never miss a draw. After working so hard for so long to win, it took some convincing that she’d actually won. Once she realized it was true she could not have been happier.

I have three mortgages and I just want to pay them off so I don’t have to pay them every month.

Aura D. Panama – $30 Million

Florida Lotto – July 2017

TheLotter’s biggest ever lottery winner. Aura D. from Panama won our biggest lottery prize ever when she matched the six winning numbers in the Florida Lotto draw on 19 July 2017, becoming the sole winner of the $30 million jackpot. theLotter flew her to Florida to collect her prize. We are excited and proud of her amazing win.

G. Australia – $1 Million

US Powerball – October 2016

G. has been playing online with theLotter from Australia since 2003. Dogged and determined a player, G. has had 452 wins over the years but nothing close to the $1 million US Powerball second prize he won on 19 October 2016 by choosing all five main numbers correctly. G.’s advice to other lottery players…

Never doubt yourself and keep the faith!

Wise words from someone who should know.

S. Russia – €824 Thousand

Austria Lotto – February 2016

S. lost 3.5 kilos in the 2 days after discovering he had won the Austria Lotto online from Russia. The lucky Muscovite driver had only recently started playing lotteries from outside of Russia online – always with a set of random numbers. Both S. as well as his wife Tatiana are over the moon about their fortune and S. spoke to us at length in Vienna when he picked up the jackpot!

Thankfully I found out that there were various lottery ticket services online; I started to read information about several companies and I opted for theLotter in August 2015. And, as you can see, I was very successful.

H.V. El Salvador – $1 Million

US Powerball – January 2016

H.V. from El Salvador started playing with theLotter when the US Powerball lottery hit the billion-dollar mark. This was a really smart decision because H.V. matched all five main numbers in the 13 January 2016 draw, winning the $1 million second prize!

I won!

MM Iraq – $6,400,000

Oregon Megabucks – August 2015

M.M was our first jackpot winner ever when he matched all six winning numbers in the Oregon Megabucks draw on 24 August 2015, becoming the sole winner of the $6.4 million jackpot! theLotter flew him across the world to Oregon to claim his prize and we couldn’t be happier for him!

I was driving in my car, I was going to the bank… so I get a call from a customer support agent at theLotter, called Christine, and she told me the great news, so I was in shock!

B.U. United Kingdom – $1 Million

US Powerball – April 2012

B.U. subscribed to US Powerball and immediately won a MASSIVE second place $1 million prize in 2012! theLotter gave B.U a luxurious trip from the UK to Florida to collect his earnings.

I still believe that I will win the top prize and winning $1 million with theLotter has been great practice for when I do!


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